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07/08/2012 Youth The 5 days when England burned On the 7th of August 2011, a peaceful protest outside a small police station in Tottenham, North London became the ignition of four nights of riots and looting that engulfed London boroughs and cities across England, including Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, and Bristol. The four days of mass rioting amounted […]


GUARDIAN  GENERAL Behind the Riots  Sociologists living and working in the areas affected by rioting in August 2011 examine the causes and consequences of the unrest GENERAL Reading the Riots A study of the causes of the English Riots in partnership with the London School of Economics 17/07/12 BBC lawyers consider formal appeal over court ban […]


31/05/12 Huffington Post: London Riots Arrests: U.K. Police Arrest 6 For Instigating 2011 Riots 01/05/12 Independent, Owen Jones: Why ‘chavs’ were the riots’ scapegoats 06/05/12 Independent: Police ‘in denial’ over rise in racism complaints 17/04/12 Huffington Post:  PC MacFarlane To Be Charged With Racial Abuse During London Riots 29/03/12 Huffington Post: Mark Duggan Inquest: IPCC Urges Law Change For Police […]