This blog aims to explore the August 2011 unrest in London.

Particularly, it aims to act as a critical resource to understand and act upon the official portrayal of the riots and the people and communities involved.

We have seen sentences that disregarded normal procedure in the courts, liberal application of long term reprimand conditions, the exploitation of the accused for political purposes and the deliberate and malicious act of ‘naming and shaming’ resulting in disproportionate and incredibly harsh measures that will irrevocably change the lives of thousands of people, their families and their future possibilities and opportunities.

We have seen and will see the effects of how the public imagination, fed by discourses shaped by the media, politicians and the Police effectively criminalized whole sections of British society. We have seen a moral panic deeply informed by race, youth and class prejudice and a further  demonization of  historically, both marginalized and targeted sections of our community. We have seen how the riots were quickly depoliticized and narrated as ‘mindless’ and ‘feral’ acts of criminality.

We have seen little investigation into the matters that sparked the riots, particularly the issue of deaths in police custody and police and community relations.

Even most left-wing analysis preferred to stop at social deprivation and government policies in general. This blog aims to be a platform for a comprehensive analysis and investigation into these issues.

 Please feel free to contact if you would like to network or contribute.



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