Next month marks the first anniversary of the riots that began in Tottenham. We look at what has unfolded in the year since, and the way in which class has become a motif for the Cameron government. Featuring David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham and Beatrix Campbell, Author, journalist, playwright and broadcaster.

One year on from the summer riots and insurgencies of 2011, we are left as a community with questions about legacy, representation and resistance. Featuring Stafford Scott, Michael LaRose, Nim Ralph, dan glass, Fahim Alam and Sukant Chandan. 

When Mark Duggan was shot by armed police in Tottenham, north London on 4th August 2011, the Independent Police Complaints Commission immediately began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death [….]. Yet there is now the real possibility that a full inquest conducted openly and before a jury, will never be held into the shooting which triggered rioting in Tottenham, and which later spread across London and other English cities. Simon Cox speaks to people close to Mark Duggan about what impact this news is having in the community.


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