Here you find a collection of our own videos as well as other relevant material. For more info on the projects or producers, follow the links (highlighted in red).

(30minutes/UK/2014/Ken Fero/Migrant Media)

In August 2011 Britain was on fire – what was the spark that led to the crisis? When Mark Duggan was shot by the police the scene was set for a confrontation but it was not the first time. In this grass-roots documentary we hear why Tottenham burned, show how the flames spread and look at the deep-rooted reasons that have set fires blazing in the last three decades. Four people in this small community, all black and working class, have died at the hands of the police and this film retraces their story.

Voice Over: Riots Reframed

(Snippet, Imran Khan on Sentencing, full documentary to be screened  soon)

Riot From Wrong

(Trailer, Full youth-led documentary to be screened 9th August 2012)

Interview with sociologist Les Back

Recession, Racism and Riots

Public Discussion On Riot Sentencing

ReelNews:  Rebellion in Tottenham

Stopwatch : Profiles of the Profiled



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